Top Ways to Check Electrical Wiring Safety at a Farmers’ Market

Even though an event like a farmers’ market isn’t known to be heavy on power consumption, checking for electrical and power safety is a must – as it would be for any event that brings together a crowd of people, and where the electrical system provided is temporary and potentially exposed to the elements. That is why it is highly recommended that a professional electrician is called in during the setup of the physical space for a farmer’s market. You need a professional and licensed electrician to set up the power system, and also to check that all safety precautions are observed. This is especially true if the farmers’ market is being held outdoors, where wiring may be exposed not only to the elements but also to the traffic of people and visitors.

My friend who works for Electrician Columbus Ohio – written a few top safety tips for electrical wiring at outdoor events such as a farmers’ market.

  • Check your outdoor outlets

outdoor light

A few basic tips for ensuring the safety around any outdoor outlets is to keep them away from water – whether a pool, a lake, or rainwater. If any wiring is stretched out across the ground and could potentially get wet from rain, for instance, the wires should be protected with weatherproof covers to prevent unintended accidents or electrocution. Remember, water and electricity don’t mix!

  • When using an extension cord outdoors, use only those that have been rated for outdoor use

Extension cords make our lives a lot easier by making power outlets reachable where they weren’t before. There are different kinds of extension cords, and while some are okay for indoor use, some have been especially rated as safe for outdoor use.

When using an extension cord at an outdoor farmers’ market, make sure that you use the kind rated for outdoor use. These have been specially designed to withstand outdoor conditions and climate, thus preventing or minimizing the chances of electrocution, shock or fire.

indoor market

Check to make sure that the power capacity of your cord matches that of the equipment you are plugging in – and be especially careful of this when you are using power tools. You might want to find a heavy-duty extension cord if you plan to use an electric power tool.

  • Check the wiring

A good number of fires and electrical accidents begin from frayed or worn wiring. Check that the wirings used at the farmers market are in good condition and that none are in a position of becoming frayed or worn. A great deal of wear and tear may result if your wires are stretched out through doors or windows; if you bury them underground and they are not the type of wiring rated for underground use; or if you use staples or nails to hold them in place. In all of these instances, the wires may potentially be exposed to long-term wear and tear that can take its toll after some time, after which they may become potential fire and electrical hazards.

If you’re not sure your electrical system is safely set up for an outdoor farmers’ market, or if you’re not sure you are safety-compliant, have a professional electrician check things out. Better yet, hire a professional electrician to set things up in the first place.